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Setting up CakePHP for multiple sites in xampp

CakePHP is one of the top open-source PHP MVC application frameworks for building robust website application quickly. Having at least a rudimentary understand of MVC is important to building websites with Cake.

Many php developers use xampp to build web applications locally and when development is complete load the code to a live server. Instead of having all of CakePHP code copied for every application, it would be better to use only the app folder MVC mechanist for each website. Here is how to engineer CakePHP for multiple site use in Xampp.

First, Move your CakePHP lib folder into you xampp directory. (c:/xampp/Cake).

Second, move your CakePHP app folder into your website root in the xampp htdocs directory (c:/xampp/htdocs/yourwebsite/app). Include the index, and htaccess files into yourwebsite root (c:/xampp/htdocs/yourwebsite/index.php)

Third, in your (c:/xampp/htdocs/app/webroot/index.php) on line 90 change the include path to: if (!include 'c:\xampp/cake/lib/Cake' . DS . 'bootstrap.php') or to the exact path you have added the Cake lib directory Voila! This is it.

The same concept applies if you are to operate multiple sites on a live Linux or windows server.

Keep in mind that if you are using a shared server, you may have to chown your baked files in order to edit them as those baked files may not be assigned to the right user.

Here is an example of how to chown the files in Linux chown username /pathtofiles/View/index.ctp Then you will have to change permissions to 755 as well