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Untold Secrets: How To Double Your Customer Base With A SuccessfulInstagram Contest

Every brand is trying different ways to promote its product on Instagram, which is the fastest growing social networking site in the world. If Instagram marketing is a part of your online campaign, then you should try this - launch contests on Instagram.

If you are new to this or need expert advice, we can help. First, let's get to know the types of Instagram contests:

1. "Like to participate"

Ask people to Like your page or update to participate in your contest. Alternatively, you can also come up with a "tag a friend" weekly contest like how Drinkwel did. Likewise, Macallan Whisky a premium whisky brand, Foxfans from the Instagram industry, and Dunkin' Donuts,an American doughnut company,are some of the other brands that gained thousands of followers via hosting contests.

2. Hashtag based promo& "Vote to choose a winner"

Hashtags are magical. It can help brands gain more engagement on Instagram. Create a unique hashtagand ask users to post photos or videos with your hashtag. Esprit used this strategy to gain more customer engagement on Instagram. Additionally, you can also add an option like "Vote to choose a winner."

3. Email-gated events

Want to build your email list? This is one of the easiest ways to do so. Ask users to enter their email addresses to participate in your contest. You can come up with something like the one you see in the image below:

How To Launch Your Instagram Contest

Step 1: Plan your contest from A to Z

Everything starts with planning. Think and come up with a realistic plan for your Instagram contest campaign. Ask yourself, what is the objective of your contest? Whether you want to increase your followers by 30% or gain 300-400 new followers? Do take some time to check other Instagram contests hosted by other brands. What they do and how they go about it?

  • Choose your contest type (we have discussed three contest types earlier).
  • Choose hashtags for your contest. You could consider using contest-friendly hashtags like #contest, #participate, #win, and #gifts.
  • Create a unique theme for your contest. Scroll down to see an example from National Geographic.
  • Choose a prize - It's your prize that will attract people to participate in your contest. Make sure you throw a valuable prize; something that suits your product or service. It can be anything from a travel package to a discount coupon for your products or a free family lunch at your restaurant.
  • Decide other things like the duration of the event, how many winners will be rewarded, rules and regulations etc.

Step 2: Essentials for your contest

Now, you will need to turn your brilliant ideas into a winning contest. Come up with a catchy title (shorter ones are best), create stunning visuals, and use Instagram apps (if necessary).

Step 3: Promote and launch your competition

You are all set to launch your contest on Instagram. Post snippets of your contest on your profile, website, blog and wherever appropriate (possibly on other social networks as well). Include your contest URL in your snippets so it becomes easy for visitors to find your page.

Here is a wonderful example of how Buffalo Wings & Rings promoted their Instagram contest on Facebook.

Try going old school. Promote your contest at your local outlets. Instagram can be easily accessed from mobile phones. So, any interested customer can login and check your page.

Step 4: Follow up your customers even after your contest ends

Your promotion doesn't end with a successful contest. Make sure you notify the winner, and tag him/her on your public notification. Promote the same on your website, blog, and other social networking sites as well. Don't forget to send the same in email to all participants.

Already more than half of the world's top 100 brands are on Instagram, and more than 300 million users are watching. This is your great opportunity to promote your product and go viral on social media. Don't even think about skipping it. Do follow our tips and let us know your customers' response.